Map showing the the southern route in to Cambridge with a northern option.

Petition – No East West Rail in Villages North of A428

No Northern Route for East West Rail! No Station and No New Town North of the A428!

The proposed East West rail route is planned to cut through or greatly impact the peaceful villages of:

Barnwell Elsworth Knapwell
Bar Hill Eltisley Landbeach
Boxworth Girton Madingley
Caldecote Histon Milton
Childerley Horningsea Oakington
Dry Drayton Impington Papworth

This route will carve up countryside, destroy communities and the delicate wildlife. Even the advocates of a northern route agree that to put a station for Cambourne north of the 428 would inevitably be followed by a massive housing development. The would-be developers’ ambition is to build up to 10,000 houses, so something of the order of 30,000 people (with tens of thousands of cars). They are calling this ‘North Cambourne’, to hide the fact that it would actually be a new town of the same size as Northstowe and when we had been assured that there would be no more new towns in South Cambridgeshire.

EWR says: “’the northern approach would be slower and more complicated”; “Economically and operationally, a northern approach to Cambridge does not provide the same level of benefits as a southern approach and is less able to satisfy the overall objectives of EWR”; “Overall, we consider that a northern route into Cambridge remains less attractive than a southern route to the city, validating earlier decisions made by EWR Co.”

If you disagree with a northern approach into Cambridge and the proposal to locate a station for Cambourne north of the A428 and a new town around it, please consider signing the petition

Please sign this PETITION against a station and new town north of the A428.



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