Planning Application Received for Tree works in a conservation area 24/0341/TTCA 4 & 6 Broad End

Planning Applications Uploaded on April 26, 2024

Please see  the following application for Works to Trees in a Conservation Area.

Local Planning Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Proposal: Site 35 – Crown reduce mixed broadleaf species group by 3 metres, in order to provide 4 metre clearance from freestanding transformer pole (Council land)
Site 35A – Light prune on Silver Birch x1 (reduce closest branch tips by 2 metres to gain 3 metre clearance (this tree is located in adjacent private garden, No 4 Broad End)

Site address: 4 And 6 Broad End Elsworth Cambridgeshire

Reference: 24/0341/TTCA

Public Access link: