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Fardell’s Lane Nature Reserve

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This is a local refuge for wildlife and an area of tranquillity for local residents. The land is the property of the Parish Council, which is responsible for its upkeep and development, and Louise Hanzi is the Voluntary Reserve Warden.


There is access to the Reserve from opposite Dears Farm, the west end of Fardell’s Lane (up steps), beside the Broad End bungalows and from the Sports Field near the childrens’ play area. There are paths covered with chippings between the Fardell’s Lane entrances and the bungalows and grass paths between these and the Sports Field, which are regularly maintained.

The area

The open area north of the Sports Field (the “meadow”) is cut regularly to suppress the nettles and some years it is necessary to cut back brambles where they encroach on the meadow. Other areas are left as untouched as possible to maintain the variety of habitats in the Reserve. Occasionally, dead elm trees are felled for safety reasons.

Between the meadow and Fardell’s Lane is an area of mainly blackthorn with three large ash trees and some mature hawthorns. Near the bungalow end is a small pond with extensive badger setts behind.

The other main area at the eastern end contains regenerated elms, many of which are gradually dying off. Eventually they will be replaced with young oaks. There is an open area between these elms and the eastern boundary.


Apart from mechanical maintenance, work parties are organised from time to time to carry out manual maintenance such as spreading wood chippings on the paths, planting trees, hedges etc.


It is hoped that as many people as possible in the village will make use of the Reserve. There are few restrictions, but this is a protected area, so please:

Do not cut down or otherwise damage trees or bushes,
Do not light fires,
Do not dump refuse or drop litter,
If you take your dogs onto the reserve, please clear up after them.

The Reserve Warden would welcome any comments about the Reserve and any wildlife observations.

Please enjoy this small area of “wildness” in the middle of our village.


  • Contact Info :

  • Phone - Louise Hanzi: 07785 614303